Porträt von Hochzeitsfotograf Videograf mit Kamera



Ich stelle mir vor, du hast es eilig und bist auf der Suche. Du hast keine Ahnung, wo Du deine Zeit verbringen sollst. Entspann Dich bei mir ein bisschen, hole dir Kaffee und Kuchen und gib mir bitte ein paar Momente, damit ich mich Dir vorstellen kann. 

I’m Istvan, a nature lover adventurer, eternal optimist… but let’s get to the details…

I come from a small town in South-western Hungary, what’s German name may be familiar: Fünfkirchen. It has inspired hundreds of painters, musicians and photographers with its picturesque beauty. Not much after I learned to read and write aroused my interest in photography. 

I have started taking shots of the marvelous hills towering over the town, and the surrounding small Swabian villages, using a soviet Zenit brand camera – the East-German Praktika was too expensive. (My birthplace has many German connections; my great-grandparents were Swabian people too.) My love of nature was inherent: I’ve always enjoyed long walks with my camera in my hand.

During my university years, I immersed deeper in photography and found my main topic: people.

I’ve started exploring life through these aspects: an individual’s relation with nature and time; the criteria of happiness; happiness, as a human desire; love and marriage; family and love.

I realized the importance of this natural relation between two individuals, and immortalizing this connection’s great moments. This is why I chose to be a wedding photographer.

During my apprenticeship, I was carried away by my other passion: travelling. Photography and travelling often come in pairs. I’ve visited most countries in the continent, living months here, and years there, until I settled down in the heart of Europe, Bodensee. In this little town did I start my several years’ long business as a wedding photographer.

Although I didn’t live in my home country, things came around very naturally, my first assignments, the great clients and I’m lucky to say, the great atmosphere in my every photo shoot!

Now that you came to know me, please look around on my website, and if you like what you see, don’t hesitate to contact me, let this acquaintance be mutual! Tell me of your desires, wishes and goals! Tell me your expectations of a photo shoot, and I will be glad to accomplish them! 

…wherever your wedding will be. I love travelling, exploring new places, going to places not mentioned even in the smallest sections of guide books. Wherever you are on this world, I will travel there to photograph the most beautiful day of your life.

My prices are always calculated based on German standards, and if you can provide me accommodation for one or two nights, only the travel expenses are added to the base price.

The 30-40 km area of Konstanz is free of travelling fee. Further than that, my prices include mileage expenses and the hourly fee. 

The best way for booking a photo shoot is by writing me an e-mail. Please provide the most crucial details in your letter (as an example, for a wedding reservation):

your name, contact details, the wedding’s location and the precise date, in which church the ceremony will be held and the wedding party’s location. Also, please provide, whether you would like a portfolio, or simply the photos on an USB-drive, and if you would like a video too.

After your e-mail, I will call you, and we can arrange a meeting in a nice café. I find it very important to discuss every little detail in person, so we can get to know each other. This way, you can loosen up much easier and behave more naturally during the photo shoots.

It is even better if we can make a photo session a few weeks before the wedding. I can edit these pictures in a very short time, so you can use them for the invitation- and greeting cards, place them on the decorated tables or share them on Facebook.

We can tell the tale of your relationship in a portfolio, visit your first date’s location, where you can reenact your story. 

Our next meeting will be on your wedding day, where I will accompany you, and assist you through the whole time until the congratulations, where we bid farewell to each other. While you enjoy yourselves, I start to prepare the photos.

The editing consists of setting the proper white balance, brightness, contrast and saturation, using different filters and effects, as well as professionally retouching skin flaws.

The editing period at most takes 2-3 weeks, but at the third week, delivery of the pictures and portfolios is granted the way previously agreed. I will call you and we arrange a meeting.

As a requirement for ensuring the reservation, I will ask for 5-10 percent of the agreed price on our first meeting. The price’s remaining part is due after you have received the photos and you find them to your satisfaction. 

I’m fond of taking pictures in a natural and informal way. My goal is to capture honest and real moments.

I love being everywhere, every time, while remaining unnoticed as much as possible. I’m a mere spectator who hides in the crowd during the ceremony, reception and celebration to capture the true moments.

Occasionally during the Getting Ready and couple photoshoot I make suggestions about settings and poses, but I never ask anything that might feel uncomfortable or unnatural.

It is important to me to develop an informal relationship between the couple and me as a wedding photographer. This helps the most in our common work to create to most genuine pictures of Your great day.